Special Delivery

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The mailman delivered a little bit more than a package. You could say, he also delivered his package. Calliste put the moves on him as soon as she laid eyes on him. He didn’t turn her down, Calliste is the hottest babe on his delivery route. He delivered his big fat cock inside her tight wet babe pussy. Does anyone wonder if this mailman will be making more special delivers in the future? Without a doubt, this guy will be coming back for more.


Ball Park Wiener

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While at a baseball game, Porscha Ride ran into a guy she knew working at a hotdog stand. After some idle chat, he agreed to come home with her. After the game was over, of course. He later admitted that during the whole game he had an erection. All while thinking about what he wanted to do to Porscha Ride. As soon as they got back to her place, the action heated up. Not only does he work as a hotdog vendor, he’s pretty good when it comes to using his own hotdog.


Milfs Night Out

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Lisa Sparxxx met this guy at a bar. After several drinks, the two of them really got really horny while at the bar. Lisa Sparxxx invited him over to her place. It didn’t take her long before she was on her knees sucking his dick. He loosened up once he got a good look at this beautiful Milf’s body. These two have a booze fueled wild love making night. One that surprisingly they didn’t remember the next day.


Surprise Party

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You aren’t going to believe the story behind this sex. Ava Devine lied to her best friend’s husband. She told him this his wife was cheating on him. Being pissed off and wanting to get back at her, he fucked Ava Devine. He really didn’t need an excuse to fuck such a hot babe. Just being horny is enough excuse. They fuck on her couch like two people who just met and fell in love.